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“The best song I have ever heard is when my daughter calls me Dad.”

Those are some pretty overwhelming words coming from Taron, an avid promoter and music connoisseur. When I asked him what made it beautiful for him to live, music was the honourable mention. Every time she says ‘Dad’ it gives him the feeling of hearing his new favourite song or seeing his favourite band take the stage for the first time. He went on to explain how the idea of sharing was so amazing – sharing his passions with his daughter, promoting local Saskatchewan talent, and even transferring ideas during workshop seminars.

I met Taron via Twitter, a social media medium in which he excels and uses his time to educate others about. We had both seen each other’s names cropping up in our feeds for some time when he reached out and introduced himself. This action in itself was a lesson to me because it demonstrated the amazing opportunity that social media provides us with. I feel we take that potential for granted on a daily basis; we have the means to start a conversation with a stranger anywhere in the world. I am thankful we connected because Taron has proved to be a vast source of musical wisdom, a great conversationalist, not to mention a premier song recommender.

Talking to Taron about music is not a specific conversation by any means. Not cornered by any genre, he simply seeks good music to listen to and share. One way that Taron shares his finds really stuck with me; the “Baby Etta Bathtime Mix.” Taron curates (and publishes) diverse list of songs that include local Saskatchewan artists, classic country, polka, punk rock, and whatever else he wants to share with his daughter at bath time. I have an immense respect for the way Taron lives out his belief; the time and effort he takes to share his love with his daughter proves it.Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter streaming

My conversations with Taron have reinforced humble and attractive concepts about the beauty of life to me – sharing, family, and music. It also strengthened my desire to become a parent one day… The love we feel for our families and friends is a beautiful thing; we should strive to immerse ourselves in it.Review Android Smartphone

– Alex

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