Something – #2

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“The best and truest artists that I have had in here know why they are here… They have to be.”


When I asked Jared what made it beautiful to live he immediately explained how forging dreams into art pieces was paramount. The multi award winning musical producer, graphic designer, and recording artist has built a life and career around the concept of helping fellow musicians. He feels that his role is an absolute privilege because he sees artists in their most brave and vulnerable state; he engineers and creates the medium in which an artist’s expressions will be recorded and potentially published.

I met Jared through a recommendation to his Moose Jaw based studio – Nebulus Entertainment. Bastard Poetry worked with Jared exclusively recording our first album ‘Whole’ and he was a co-producer/mixing engineer on our latest project ‘Something that makes it beautiful to live.’ Over the course of the last couple years we have become friends through working on multiple projects together; he has been a brilliant mentor to me in every aspect of my music career. Whether I have a question about graphic design, vocal techniques, or just want to have a rambling discourse about the digital direction the industry is taking he has always been there armed to the teeth with knowledge and experience.trailer movie J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only 2017

The studio is very aptly named – the term nebulous can be described as lacking definite form or limits, which I find has a lot of striking parallels to the art being captured within its walls. Jared also spoke towards the concept of perspective and how it changes the way you end up feeling about life. He went on to elaborate how he learns from his artists all the time: he is amazed how an artist’s unique and expressive visions often open up whole new avenues of thought to explore. He emphasizes that these frequent changes of perspective truly enhance the beauty of life, because you are constantly experiencing it in different ways.

Our conversations resonated with me because Jared was always willing to listen to my ideas and to share his perspective with me as long as I’ve know him personally and professionally. I really do believe we are beings with limitless potential and as an artist, being able to authentically capture your perspective and share it is a beautiful thing.

– Alex

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