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“We might not look at the lives we are leading and let our journey pass us by.”

– from the song ‘Wasted Days’ by Artificial Lift.

I called Trent, the primary songwriter of Artificial Lift, a few days prior to their cd release show to ask him what makes it beautiful to live. Our conversation wove its way through music, life experience, and segued into the mysteries of the universe. His explanation centralized around the theme of simply living your days and letting the wonder of life ACTUALLY happen to you.

“It’s tough to live a fruitful life out of your basement. I mean with technology and all these new ways of experiencing the world without leaving your home… I’m not really down with that. I’m more about getting out on the road and experiencing things first hand.”

I first met the boys in Artificial Lift through Cole, my dear friend and bass player. He arranged a show in Lloydminster when we were on our way through to Edmonton for a ‘Rock 4 Santa’ charity gig. They hosted and promoted a very successful show and treated us like family – since then our friendship continues to grow and we consistently work together on putting on shows together whenever we possibly can.

They invited us to play their release show for the album “Wasted Days,” this April 18th. I should also mention we are bringing them down to Saskatoon to celebrate our release show on May 15th as well!

I learned that Trent and I had a lot of similarities in lifestyle, beliefs, and backgrounds; we both came into music later in life and live day to day as a matter of principle. Therefore in the interest of going outside and letting life happen to me, I will summarize our digression with a quote from one of my favourite songs.

“Live your life, before you die” – Otis Taylor

– Alex

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